Facebook and Outsourcing Social Media

Facebook and Outsourcing Social Media – Week Thirty-Eight

Josh said that he needed prayer for one of his landscaping clients because they were always complaining. No matter what he and his crew did to remedy the problems (and they all had gone above and beyond what was expected) this client was angry about what he saw was “wrong work.” Josh said that this client had this reputation, but that he took them on anyway – big mistake. So, Josh was asking specifically that he would be able to fire this client without there being a huge fight. We prayed for this and also for Liz as her Lubbock catering group was being given a lot more responsibility. Basically, they were getting so many more clients that it was becoming stressful. She wanted us to join her in prayer so that she could stay grateful as she went about her business. I was having to hire new employees and so I needed wisdom as to who to bring on. Seemed like all of us had legitimate problems to bring to God. After we prayed and before we started the larger gathering, I went over to greet the Lubbock Pre-K administrator. I told her how much I appreciated her inclusion in our group last week and simply encouraged her generally. She was happy that I came over and said hey. By the way, there are seven groups of three who show up to pray now. We should have a speaker about how these prayer times were helping to grow our businesses, etc. Maybe it will be me, but I hope it is the Pre-K teacher.

At the larger gathering we had a female speaker named Joanne who came from a marketing company. Joanne talked to us about the importance of using social media to get more exposure for our businesses. She didn’t just say that and sit down. She actually got us to pull out our laptops so she could give us specific tools for our Facebook accounts. She mentioned using Facebook ads, but what I took away from her talk was when she said that we shouldn’t just outsource our social media accounts to someone who was not part of our companies. She said that it was easy to ruin your social reputation by having other people have a crack at what we should be doing for ourselves. I took this piece of advice and applied it to my blog as well. I had hired a college student to do my blogs and my social media up to this point and I decided that even if I didn’t do the work itself, I needed to pay closer attention to the sort of posts that were going out to my followers. Why risk all of our hard work and have it tarnished by a busy college student?   I thought this was the best idea that came from the talk.

(An insurance claims adjuster asked several questions because he had not been using social media at all. Joanne answered all of his questions and these answers really made the talk complete.)

So readers, what do you think about this idea of controlling your own social media and blogs? If you agree with Joanne, how do you find the time to do this plus do all of your work? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance…

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Building on a Solid Foundation

Building on a Solid Foundation – Week Thirty-Seven

Prayer today included the Lubbock Pre-K administrator for the Christian Private School because the other two people in her group were not present. We all re-introduced ourselves and shared about how each of our businesses had grown from being in this weekly meeting. Anne, the Private School teacher echoed our reports. She said that enrollment in her school had grown exponentially ever since she had joined this group and started putting the teachings into affect. We congratulated her and then went on to prayer. Josh asked for prayer for his Lubbock lawn care company and Liz her Lubbock catering business. We then bowed our heads and started to speak aloud our thanksgiving and our surrender. Anne spoke powerfully to God and showed us how a hardcore Christian prayed. Not that our unprofessional prayers were any less important, but I could sense a lot of wisdom coming from Anne. She was a welcome addition.

As for the larger business gathering, we had another architect speak to us about how to build a business from a solid foundation. He said that if the foundation was shaky then the entire building was going to be weak and even endangered. He said that we as leaders needed to rebuild from the bottom up if we wanted to have success. He asked us to give careful consideration to how we formed our business and asked us if we were willing to look at our foundations – how we began and how we have built from that point. It was a good talk and one that made me think. I didn’t know how my business was founded. I pretty much had just started it and hired good staff to help me achieve my vision for a successful heating and cooling business. I knew I needed to revisit my foundations and strengthen them – do some good “architectural” changes so that when storms hit us, it would not crumble. I’m not totally sure how to do this so I talked to this architect afterwards and he told me how to examine my foundations. I’m glad I asked. He clarified it and made me confident about my future efforts.

So readers, what do you think about resetting your business on solid foundations? What does that look like for you? Let me know with your comments. Thanks in advance.

It was a good week’s meeting. I felt challenged in a good way.