Getting Help with Smoke Damage

Getting Help with Smoke Damage

In the Dallas area, especially in the Richardson area, there has been an uptick in small house fires during this winter season. Most of these fires were pretty easily contained and there was little to no structural damage to the houses or the possessions inside of these houses. But just because the fires did no structural damage, that does not mean there wasn’t significant smoke damage. And if you have ever had smoke damage, you know that the possessions that are affected might as well be ruined anyway. No amount of Febreze is going to cover over serious smoke damage.

So, what do you do if you have to file a smoke damage claim in Richardson? Well, if you have the right insurance you would just file a claim with them and hopefully they will cover you by paying out enough money to replace those items, which have been ruined by this smoke damage. But beyond that I would recommend that for Richardson smoke damage claims, you should hire a Texas public adjuster firm to help you get the right size of settlement from your insurance claim. Public adjusters are famous for holding insurance companies accountable for giving you a fair settlement. This is key because your insurance company might not want to offer you the right amount of money to replace your smoke damaged stuff. You definitely don’t want to enter into a battle with your insurance company without having professionals at your side who fight for you. Have you ever dealt with this struggle? If not, believe me that you want a well-reputed public adjuster company being the mediator between you and your insurance company.

That’s all just my advice. I welcome any of your opinions about using public adjuster firms. And I recommend that if you do decide to hire a Texas public adjuster that you look into a company called Abba Claims that is located in Dallas proper. Their website is Hope this helps anyone out there who has a smoky couch…

Fire Damage Claims

Dallas Fire Damage Claims

I never think about disasters hitting me. I take my home and its possessions for granted. Never would I imagine that I could lose it all in a moment’s time. Never would I imagine that a fire could happen around me and take away what I have spent a lifetime trying to gather. I have put everything together in all of the right places so that I can have a beautiful place to live. I’ve worked hard at it and my wife has too. We have a lot of valuables and everything seems to fit together so well. I’ll say it again: Never would I imagine that a fire could happen and take all of it away. If it did I don’t know what I would do. All that work and all that time gathering and placing and learning how to feng shui my home-world would just go up in flames and leave me wondering why. Why do such things happen to good people who just want to feel safe and have beauty around them? And what steps do you take to try to return to some normalcy after a fire occurs? These questions rage in my mind.

I live in Dallas and I have fire insurance with a reputable insurance company. But would they back me completely if I came to them with a fire damage insurance claim in Dallas? Would they see the value in my valuables or would they just give me the minimum leaving me to dwell in less than I had dwelled before? I had this conversation with a guy the other day and we both hoped beyond hope that our stuff wouldn’t be taken away in an instant. But we both know friends who have lost everything with a single spark and we both know that it could happen to us. And these friends had to deal with stubborn insurance companies that wouldn’t give them a fair settlement (they filed a fire damage claim in Plano). Crazy and unfair but too often a reality. Besides just the worries we shared with one another, my friend told me that there is hope on the other side of such destruction. He told me that there are people who are known as Texas Public Adjusters who fight for you if your insurance company is not coming through. I looked it all up and was relieved to see that I wouldn’t be alone if this whole process happened. I never knew about companies like this, but now I not as worried – not that I’m going to start a fire in my house tonight. Still, it’s cool that companies exist that will help if it is needed.