The Future is now!

For some individuals and businesses, there is a gap between now and the possibilities of the future.  But for some people, the future is now and it is pretty impressive.  I always think of Apple and Google being at the front and center of this global trend setting and futurist thinking.  They take people’s imaginations of what things could be like and they blow right past these imaginations providing goods and services that have dominated market shares everywhere.  What used to be dreams are now cutting edge technologies which help people do what they wan to do and get to where they want to go.

Recently I was invited to see two of these business types for myself – Two companies who work together in the field of architecture and 3D animation to help other businesses flourish.  These businesses, Halo Architects and Gone Virtual, are located in West Texas but do most of their work for people all over the nation.  They believe art and vision to be the driving forces behind their projects and they’ve done such a good job at everything from church design to large retail design.

Speaking with the owner and chief innovator, I was reminded of a nicer Steve Jobs who not only builds great businesses, but who sees miles ahead of his competitors.  To be honest, I could not believe that these two businesses were not located in New York or in Silicon Valley.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out to him and his team for doing such an excellent job and for pushing architecture and 3D virtual designs into the future; for not stagnating or plateauing as so many other firms do.  I have a lot of respect for leaders who know how to lead now and who also can lead their teams into the future.  I hope I can do the same sooner rather than later…


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