Going National with Halo and Gone Virtual

Going National with a Halo and Gone Virtual

Have you ever really taken a look at what the city of Lubbock offers as far as business opportunities? I’m not talking about looking for and finding a job for yourself. And I’m certainly not writing an advertisement for entry level marketers that allows you to make $500 per day if you work real hard. I’m actually just talking about what sort of cool businesses exist in this city. I’m always driving around and seeing new places that have popped up. I also drive around and see businesses popping down – going out of business. Most of the former and latter are local stores serving local wares to the members of this town. But then, every once in a while I’ll get introduced to a surprising a company that serves both local, regional and even national crowds. Just the other day I found one of these places and it blew my mind. I’ve lived in this city of Lubbock for 25 years and I’ve never known that this place existed (and it’s not a small mom and pop set-up). This place is a national force in a field I know very well and it has been under my nose for years – yet I’ve never experienced it. Anyway, I’ll introduce it to you using it’s website as a main source. Who knows? Maybe you will need to make use of their services.

Welcome to Halo Architects and its partner company Gone Virtual – They work together to make a difference in this world. In simple words, these are church architects who use various technological tools (3D animation and architectural visualizations) to help people see what a desired project is going to look like before one brick is laid. I used to work in the church biz myself and have been through several Church Capital Campaigns and I can say that having companies like these on your side is invaluable. Okay enough of me – Let’s get to a solid description for both firms –


Halo Architects, Inc. (and Gone Virtual) is a cutting edge architectural studio that specializes in the planning and design of contemporary, yet detail oriented facilities. The skilled designers at Halo have experience in numerous building types, including Religious, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Civic, and Institutional, and have managed projects ranging from small renovations of 3,000 square feet to large campus developments with multiple buildings totaling over 300,000 square feet.

Today, Halo is much more than a full service architectural design firm and offers our clients the most comprehensive portfolio of services in the building design and construction industry. With affiliations in capital campaign fund raising and capital campaign marketing and a growing network of strategic partners in building finance and construction, Halo has the ability to uniquely offer an all-inclusive service package to help reign in the lengthy process of planning, designing, communicating, marketing, financing, and building your vision for the future. Halo and its affiliated companies continue to be nationally recognized as authorities in applying cutting edge technologies for planning, communication, and design.


So what do you think of that? Can you believe they are in Lubbock? I was shocked. There are other businesses out there in Lubbock that serve customers nationally, but this is the only one I have found. Here’s to a deeper search…