Day 105 – Thursday Arises

Day 105 – Thursday Arises

After my bout with Food Poisoning, I felt fit as a fiddle in the Charlie Daniel’s Band – Okay, maybe not that fit. I’m not up for a challenge from the enemy of my soul – I’m more ready for a normal day of customer service followed by analytics reports. I took my time swimming at my Lubbock Corporate Housing pool – getting my body stretched out to set up new campaigns for my new accounts (Midland Corporate Housing, Amarillo Corporate Housing and Lubbock catering). Swimming is a mind and body exercise that every salesperson needs to engage in. There is nothing like chlorine in your retinas to grant you clear vision. Anyway, I rejoiced that I could eat a bagel with butter today without immediately without my stomach rolling itself out of my mouth.

Melissa and I had a lunch date at Torchy’s Tacos (might have been pushing myself a little too hard there). The food was grand and so were the conversations we had about our lives together now and in the future. We actually Skyped her parents after lunch so I could see them and officially meet them on the virtual path. They were very kind and they laughed at some things I said – that always makes me like people more. They also told me about how much they value their daughter and about how much they expected from me as her husband. I was earnest in my responses and I think they were satisfied that Melissa had not linked herself to some Lubbock psycho.

Melissa and I also went to our first premarital counseling session with a psychologist that specializes on helping pre-married people understand the challenges of marriage. Dr. Atkinson (actually a female) took us in her office and just had us tell our relational story. She asked some background questions and our answers took up the rest of our time for this meeting. It was nice to hear from Melissa about how she viewed our story – similar but different than mine. I think we both surprised one another with some things, but nothing was shocking or scary. The PhD. said that she was impressed with how much we knew about each other already and that she felt like we were going to be a fun couple to counsel. We did tell her that we had been using both The Love Dare and I guess I do: The Ultimate Marriage Survival Guide to get ourselves to wrestle with some things that most people never think to ask themselves before getting hitched. Anyway, it was a good session and we both said we looked forward to doing it again next week.

Meditation: Be still and know that I am God – This one always challenges me because it tells me to stop what I am doing and focus my attention on God as the One who cares for me in the most crazy of circumstances. I have got to stop pushing the Panic Button every time there is a life upheaval. I need to be a leader for Melissa as we head into uncharted territory and show her that her husband really trusts God when it’s not easy to trust God. Good stuff all around.

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