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Hatch Green Chiles, Eggs, and Ham?

Okay – So a lot of businesses have taken to writing blogs for their websites, because they are told this is what they are supposed to do. But, truth is, most of these businesses are not very good at writing blogs, which are creative, intriguing or engaging in any sort of way. They want clients and potential clients to read what is on their minds, but they usually bore people to death by presenting industry yammer that has no spice or fun to it.

People want to read blogs that are entertaining, right? I know I do. In fact, a blog article has got to be beyond fantastic if I am going to spend my time on it. After all, there are plenty of interesting distractions out in the world, which cry out for our attentions. So, why would people choose a boring business blog option over those other distractions?

Anyway, I wanted to share a blog article here that was written by someone from a West Texas John Deere Tractor dealer called South Plains Implement, because it is a great example of how to bring some zest to what would otherwise be a boring topic. I don’t care much about farm equipment or harvests and I especially do not care much for reading a blog about those things – And yet, I love this blog article, because it uses Dr. Seuss-style rhyme to showcase it’s subject matter. It’s about hatch green chiles and those who farm them and it cracked me up. Read below and tell me what you think about this method of communicating on a business blog.


In this blog, I want to celebrate our New Mexico farmers who grow the super popular Hatch Green Chile.  I am a huge fan of these yummy chiles, and so I tried to get as creative as possible to raise a banner for you dedicated providers of these flame roasted taste-buddies.  Here goes my best shot:  

As I researched these chiles, it became quite obvious these commodities are beloved by their ingesters.  There is a yearly festival drawing people from all over the world  dedicated to these Chiles.  And there are numerous blogs out there featuring “The Hatch. “ This latter finding led me to start thinking about what might happen if one of my favorite writers, Dr. Seuss, had been exposed to these chiles.  I think he might have showcased them somehow in one of his excellent stories.  Probably not “Green Chile in the Hat,” but maybe The Lorax would speak up for the trees and for Hatch Green Chiles.  I bet the Grinch would even try to steal him some of these chiles, too.  But, when it came down to it, I chose to re-imagine the ever-famous Seuss story about eating – “Green Eggs and Ham.”  

Are you ready to turn Sam-I-Am into a Hatch Green Chile Eggs fan?

Are you ready for some really bad poetry?

Hatch Green Chile Eggs and Ham?

Dear Sam I Am – Eating Green Eggs and Ham sounds silly to me.

But, I would have no problem eating runny eggs with Hatch Green Chiles.

Sam, I’d eat them in the street.

Sam, I’d eat them mixed with meat.

Sam, I’d eat Green Chiles in the sleet.

I’d even eat them with that bleating sheep named Pete

Who always tries to get me to count him and fall asleep

To me, they are everywhere a tasty treat.

I’d chomp them up in Green Chile guacamole.

Drink them down in Green Chile Slurpees.

Hatch myself a juicy enchilada fantasy 

While thinking about my Hatch Green Chile Festival memories

I still don’t know how these Chiles earned so much popularity

From relative unknown to daily Prom Queen honoree

I guess it doesn’t matter too much to me

As long as I can always plop down some money

And get them from one of those amazing New Mexico Farm factories.

Or taste new strains straight from a NM state university.

Sam I Am, won’t you eat them with me, please?

That’s my Hatch Green Chile Happy Dream.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

If you are groaning, that’s fair.  Comfort yourself with some Hatch Green Chiles and the knowledge I could have chosen Dostoyevsky over Seuss.  

Also, know we at South Plains Implement are thankful for all of our customers.  We love our Texas and New Mexico family of farmers, and we hope we can serve you to the fullest with our top-of-the-line equipment, parts and service.  We are here for you!


So what did you think? Creative, right? They blew this blog right out of the box and now I will have to check back to South Plains Implement’s site to find out what else comes out of their brains. Who knows, maybe I will join Little Nas X and get me a tractor to ride around on…

Send me your comments. I’m always listening!

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