Day 115 – Saturday Alone

Day 115 – Saturday Alone

Meditation from the comforts of my Lubbock Corporate Housing space: I read Ezekiel 16 and was taken aback when I read about God’s fury at Israel. He describes Israel as this little baby that had not been cared for. He tells about how God took that young country and made it special – made it beautiful – made it pure. But then he described how Israel grew up to become a prostitute of a nation that always gave itself away to other nations – how it committed adultery by serving other gods – how it made love to dishonor. God even says how Israel had gotten worse than Sodom at its worst and that He was going to bring Israel down to where it deserved to be – exposed and defeated. But then He said how that one day He would be merciful and make Israel special again. This was the part that stuck out to me the most. Sure, I noted how my own nation is as adulterous as it comes and how I am a part of it. I also noted that we most likely deserve major judgment because we are like Sodom on our best days. But to read about how God loves so much – how He is love – and how He redeems even the worst of us made me feel closer to God who has been so very patient with my disobedience. I suddenly knew that Jesus was what made me special and lovely. I suddenly knew that God was overlooking my unrighteousness because of His nature and I knew I would be carried above it all and placed in an undeserved eternal home someday. Suddenly, homes for sale in Lubbock meant little to me because I could imagine the perfect home in Heaven. I actually felt overwhelmed with emotion after reading this. I had read it before but it had never struck me like this. I gave thanks for the Holy Spirit who opened my eyes to this piece of scripture.

This meditation led me to my church service in the afternoon – I went alone because Melissa was working the late shift. I felt alone when I was there among my fellow sinners but I still carried with me the feeling of glory from the meditation. I worshipped with all my might and surrendered everything I could think of during the music and my mind was on super focus mode while the preacher preached. He gave a sermon that reminded me of the Lubbock Pre-K school that was my client – It was about raising up children that knew the Lord and could stand on their own in their own spirituality instead of resting on their parents’ faith. It was solid and I was happy to have had such a wonderful spiritual day. I hadn’t expected it at all – I expected normal but God gave me so much more.

Have you ever had such a day like this? What do you think of being moved so strongly by the Holy Spirit? Feel free to comment.

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