Day 116 – Sunday schooling

Day 116 – Sunday schooling

After getting myself ready in my short-term furnished apartment, I actually went to church this morning. I didn’t really go to hear the sermon again, but I had heard that they have Sunday school classes in between the services and so that piqued my interest. I hadn’t been to a Sunday school class since I was a little kid and so I didn’t know what the adult version would be like. But, I wanted to see – I figured it wouldn’t hurt to dig into the Bible with other like-minded people. I chose a class called “When Woe means Whoa.” It was about all of the times in the Bible that God said woe to different nations and individuals and how these different groups or individuals responded to this warning. I really liked hearing this man (Mr. James Rhoads) expound on some of these times and I think the way he handled the Scripture taught me something about how to lead the Bible study I lead on Monday evenings. At the end of the class, he asked if anyone had prayer requests or announcements and I told everyone that we had a Bible Study at my Lubbock Corporate Housing spot and that they were all invited (I told them that there would be good food provided from my favorite Lubbock catering spot). I had some extra flyers folded up in my Bible and so I put them at the back of the class just in case anyone wanted to join us. The teacher of this class encouraged the class to show up and I felt happy that I wasn’t blown off. Anyway, I was happy I came to this class and I planned to come next week – that time with my beautiful Melissa in tow.

Speaking of Melissa, she was asleep for most of the day after working hard for fourteen hours. Her schedule makes me feel like a lazy person. She puts all of herself into caring for people in rough conditions. I so respect her for how she does what she does. I also especially respect the fact that she has bounced back so quickly from her wreck and got back in the swing of things. I know that I have been blessed with a winner who will be my second priority (behind God) for the rest of my days.

My meditation was about how Jesus healed a large crowd of people who followed Him for miles and then how He fed the 5,000 with just a minimal of supplies. What stuck out for me was how Jesus takes care of everyone. He didn’t ask for any money or any applause. He just does good to us even though we don’t deserve it. I can see this kind of generosity being played out in my life on an every day basis and I am thankful that He doesn’t leave me hungry and/or broken apart.

Anyway, this was a good day.

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