Day 118 – Tuesday Trash

Day 118 – Tuesday Trash

I woke up in my corporate housing bed much happier than yesterday – I guess my Central Nervous System just needed to reset my balance of good and bad. Anyway, I started my normal routine and headed downstairs to swim. Both Tom and Sarah were there this morning as I went for my daily swim – they were there to say “hey” and to invite me to go on a storage war in Midland that is happening on Saturday. I told them that I would if Melissa wanted to accompany us – they were cool with that. It would be a double date going hording for many pieces of obsolescent trash and broken knick-knacks – might be fun to expose Melissa to the weird lives of our neighbors. What was really interesting was that Sarah showed me a diamond band on her finger and told me that she and Tom were going to be married in a few months. She said both Melissa and I would be invited to that occasion as well. Tom thanked me for setting them up in the first place and while I doubted they had put as much work into their “getting to know one another” process, I had high hopes for their marital success. They were two lonely people in the middle of their lives and they had found someone who wanted someone else. So why not? Let them give it a shot.

Speaking of Midland, I had discussions with their marketing lead person and assured them that their “Midland Corporate Housing” keyword was on the upswing. It was taking longer than expected to get Google to crawl their website. This delay happens sometimes and can make customers uneasy because they want to see upward movements in their rankings – I don’t blame them. If I was on their leadership team and I was paying someone like me to do things to their site, I would expect rapid and reports about things. I told them that one of my analytics tools did have them ranking in the top 10 overall and that I would have an official report for them in a week. (I hate making clients wait – makes me feel like I am not doing my job correctly. But I am not the implementation specialist at Google and thus I can’t make things pop as fast as I would like.) Anyway, the rest of my workday was easy because I had good movements for all the rest of my clients.

Meditation: 1 Thessalonians – The verses that stuck out to me were the ones that talked about the end of the world and about how those who believe in Jesus would meet him in the air once he comes back to bring a new kingdom on the earth – a kingdom that would last forever. This was written to encourage the believers who were having to struggle against daily oppression but for me as a modern day reader, I was simply encouraged by the fact that the boredom of the current systems would someday end. I could not and cannot wait for Jesus to come back and change everything into The New…

That’s it for Tuesday –

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