Choosing the Right Lawyer for your Business

Choosing the Right Lawyer for your Business – Week Twenty-Two

The Pre-K leader caught me before my group of three met for prayer and asked me how we did our prayer time from week to week. I explained that we mostly shared prayer needs for the Lubbock lawn care and Lubbock catering (and my business) leaders and then if something was outside of work that needed prayer we lifted that up as well. The Pre-K Lubbock leader said that they were doing the same things but they had also added a book to read at home – a book specifically dealing with prayer in the marketplace. She handed me a copy of it and asked if I would look over it during my week and ask my group if they wanted to add it as homework. I gladly took it from this spiritual person and said that I would be more than happy to introduce it to my group of three. Anyway, after talking to them, I joined my prayer group and showed them the book that was given to me. They seemed excited to add this new tool to our weekly prayers – we can all use extra knowledge about prayer. During our prayer time, we reported on the things we had been praying for and everything was positive. Liz did say that she was dealing with some minor sickness and explained how it was affecting her mood in family life and at work. Josh said that he was needing to shake off some procrastination he had picked up over the week. I asked them to pray for my general stuff – I couldn’t think of anything that needed specific prayer. I have been meditating on verses from the Bible every day and I think that is keeping me more intimate with God. I get a lot out of those alone times and I think I get most of my specific prayer needs met there. Maybe next week I will have more to share with them.

As for the overall business meeting, we had a speaker who was a lawyer that focused on immigration law. This guy was dressed to the nines and was impressive in his look and his speech. I thought he would be good at speaking about making a great first impression, because he sure made a good one on me. But instead of that, he spoke about how important it was to choose the right lawyer (not in his field) to represent our businesses – no conflict of interest. He said that even if we hadn’t had any customers take us to court or accuse us of wrongdoing in our work yet, there are always times that come our way where we will need to have proper contracts drawn up. He also said that just because we hadn’t been sued yet, we might get pulled into a lawsuit. He said that we should do really careful research about local lawyers who specialize in business law – who is the best to take care of our businesses under legal strains. He recommended that we find this lawyer before some sort of legal problem came up. He said that it always easier to find someone good when there is no pressing problem. Everyone in the audience agreed and some of the people said that they had lawyers on retainer already because they had already faced legal actions. It was a good talk and it showed me that I better take this seriously since me and my team are always entering other people’s houses and taking care of their heating and cooling needs. Who knows what might go wrong and who knows what customers might accuse us of – I don’t want to be reactionary about having a good lawyer. I will be proactive in my pursuit of a good business lawyer. It was a good week.

Summertime Child Care

Summertime Child Care

I have been in many conversations with parents about how much they love the warmth of summertime but hate the fact that they don’t have much for their children to do during these times. In the fall and spring, they are usually in some sort of school, which takes up most of the kids’ days and parents don’t have to think too hard about where to have their children at a given time. What are the best options for kids of all ages in the summer? Where are you going to put your kids so that they are learning and playing and having good summers while parents keep working – most families have both parents working and they cannot just stop what they are doing to hang out with their kids all day at home. (I know a family who is heavily involved in Lubbock catering gigs and wouldn’t be able to slow down just because their kids are out of school.)

I live in Lubbock and can only speak to my hometown, but I think that most of my suggestions can be found in most other cities. What can kids be a part of nowadays?

  1. Basic babysitting – There are a lot of teenagers who are wanting to make some money for the summer. Why not get some good references and find a solid person to take care of your kids.
  2. Vacation Bible Schools – There are so many Vacation Bible Schools, which operate on different weeks, that you can get your young kids (Lubbock Pre-K through 3rd grade) through most of the summer.
  3. Sports Camps – Even though these camps cost some money, it might be worth it to gauge your child’s sports interests and to get them into these places. It will keep them off of the constant indoor video games trail and into athletic pursuits.
  4. Chess Clubs – I could include reading groups (mini people book clubs) since my focus here is really educational resources. But one great resource that is catching fire is chess. If you can find a chess teaching group at the local college, I highly recommend putting your kids into one. It stretches their brain while showing them how to problem solve. The book clubs are good for them because they can talk with kids their own age about books they like – doesn’t feel like school because there is so much peer engagement.
  5. Robotics clubs – I know that in Lubbock there are clubs that teach kids how to create robots, which is super cool. Why not get your children into this fun and academic ride?


Okay – so those are my main suggestions – maybe you can combine some of these options to place your kids into valuable summertime activities. Good luck and feel free to send me your ideas. I’d love to expand the list.

Wedding Prepping in Lubbock

Wedding Prepping in Lubbock

There is so much prep that goes into getting a wedding ready. From invitations to cakes, brides and grooms have so much responsibility on their heads in one of the most stressful times of life. I recall my wedding prep and thankfully I have one of the best mother-in-laws on the planet who did most of the preparation for my wife and I. Without her, everything about our wedding would have been super disorganized. Instead, it went off with ease and we were able to enjoy the day from having our pictures made to having our honeymoon car ready and gassed up. At the same time, she picked our cakes (with my wife’s blessing) and chose our venue.

How about you married or engaged readers? How did your preparations go? Is it going great or will it go great? I’d love to hear your take on it all.

Anyway, my wedding in Lubbock got me to thinking about two main things that could have made my wedding even better and might make your wedding a wonderful day of joy and excitement. Check these out and comment at the end…

  1. Catering in Lubbock – Some people have a full on dinner or lunch planned for after they say “I do.” We didn’t. We just had cakes and finger foods to satiate our guests. But, I wish we would have chosen one of the best Lubbock catering restaurants in town to provide better foods – not necessarily more expensive foods, but tastier foods. If you are going to just provide snacks for your post-ceremony, I want to recommend using Chick-fil-A as your provider. They are known for their myriad food choices and can wow a crowd with their customer service. I’ve been to a wedding where they offered nuggets and strips from Chick-fil-A and there wasn’t anyone at their wedding who was disappointed. Pick the place you think is best, but I vote on Chick-fil-A.
  2. Outdoor wedding – If you are going to throw a wedding in an outdoor setting, especially if you are having it in your backyard, you really want to make sure you get some Lubbock landscaping done that matches the rest of your décor. I know of a great crew in this town who has handled the Lubbock lawn care for several outdoor weddings. They basically sit down with you and your prep team and show you some designs that they can do and then they handle it all. They think of everything – things you might not think of – and they beautify your setting with the chosen design. You can look them up at if you are interested.

Okay, that’s all I have when it comes to improving your special day. Let me know what you think – tell me what options you have either used or prepare to use and let me know why. I’m always open to hearing what others have to say about both the foods and the designs for Lubbock weddings.