Choosing the Right Lawyer for your Business

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Choosing the Right Lawyer for your Business – Week Twenty-Two

The Pre-K leader caught me before my group of three met for prayer and asked me how we did our prayer time from week to week. I explained that we mostly shared prayer needs for the Lubbock lawn care and Lubbock catering (and my business) leaders and then if something was outside of work that needed prayer we lifted that up as well. The Pre-K Lubbock leader said that they were doing the same things but they had also added a book to read at home – a book specifically dealing with prayer in the marketplace. She handed me a copy of it and asked if I would look over it during my week and ask my group if they wanted to add it as homework. I gladly took it from this spiritual person and said that I would be more than happy to introduce it to my group of three. Anyway, after talking to them, I joined my prayer group and showed them the book that was given to me. They seemed excited to add this new tool to our weekly prayers – we can all use extra knowledge about prayer. During our prayer time, we reported on the things we had been praying for and everything was positive. Liz did say that she was dealing with some minor sickness and explained how it was affecting her mood in family life and at work. Josh said that he was needing to shake off some procrastination he had picked up over the week. I asked them to pray for my general stuff – I couldn’t think of anything that needed specific prayer. I have been meditating on verses from the Bible every day and I think that is keeping me more intimate with God. I get a lot out of those alone times and I think I get most of my specific prayer needs met there. Maybe next week I will have more to share with them.

As for the overall business meeting, we had a speaker who was a lawyer that focused on immigration law. This guy was dressed to the nines and was impressive in his look and his speech. I thought he would be good at speaking about making a great first impression, because he sure made a good one on me. But instead of that, he spoke about how important it was to choose the right lawyer (not in his field) to represent our businesses – no conflict of interest. He said that even if we hadn’t had any customers take us to court or accuse us of wrongdoing in our work yet, there are always times that come our way where we will need to have proper contracts drawn up. He also said that just because we hadn’t been sued yet, we might get pulled into a lawsuit. He said that we should do really careful research about local lawyers who specialize in business law – who is the best to take care of our businesses under legal strains. He recommended that we find this lawyer before some sort of legal problem came up. He said that it always easier to find someone good when there is no pressing problem. Everyone in the audience agreed and some of the people said that they had lawyers on retainer already because they had already faced legal actions. It was a good talk and it showed me that I better take this seriously since me and my team are always entering other people’s houses and taking care of their heating and cooling needs. Who knows what might go wrong and who knows what customers might accuse us of – I don’t want to be reactionary about having a good lawyer. I will be proactive in my pursuit of a good business lawyer. It was a good week.

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