Shading the House

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Shading the House

Having a large house is a luxury but sometimes there are a lot of big windows in a big house that need to be covered in one way or another. I have friends in the Dallas area who have a very large house and they have lots of windows to cover. They didn’t want to go with cheap looking mini-blinds that you can get at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They had already invested a lot of money into this house and decided they weren’t going to settle for less than the best when it came to their window coverings. They did a lot of research and made a bunch of calls to different companies. They weren’t sure if anyone could custom fit for the varying sizes of windows in their home. They also decided that they wanted to get McKinney plantation shutters. They just needed to decide on a company that they wanted to do business with – a company of professionals who had a lot of experience and a lot of great reviews. After several close calls, they ended up going with a company called Sewell Shutters, a Dallas-based business, which has been around for thirty years. They did everything from Mckinney to South Lake plantation shutters and said that they could measure any window and custom fit for whatever size they needed. So, my friends ended up going with this company.

Here’s their take on this company: What was amazing was that the people who came to measure and install were all very friendly and clean. They said that they promoted integrity above all else and would make sure that we were satisfied. And amazingly, this whole process for all of our plantation shutters to be installed only took six weeks. And I cannot stress how nice they all looked. Each one built just right and I do not want to forget that they matched our interior paints with the shutters. It was an exact match across the house. We could not have been more pleased with the work that was done.

So, since I am a reviewer of various companies, I decided to use this blog to promote this company. I always run into supposedly dependable companies, who end up failing to impress their clients. But once in a while, I get to know a company that does a perfect job. So, if you are in the market for plantation shutters I recommend Sewell Shutters. You can check them out at

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