Stranger in a Strange town???

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What do you do when you are asked by your company to move into a new town that you are clueless about?

Jobs make us do it all the time – or at least they request it-if we want to stay with the company and continue an upward climb for the highest levels of occupation.

So we go.

But “going away” means a ton of change and struggle.

It means making a lot of decisions that are stacked with uncertainty.

One of these decisions faced me recently when I relocated to a new city in Texas – the dreaded:  Where should I live?

Sure, Google reviews and Yelp help was there for me, but since I had never set foot onto the new land of my future success and because I had no idea as to whether these online reviews were legit, I felt quite uncomfortable committing to an apartment and especially a house without being in the area for myself.

Solution:  I found a super nice extended stay apartment (furnished corporate housing) that was cool enough to be there for as long as I needed.  For some people, since the housing is pretty sweet and seemingly turnkey, it is a perfect choice for them as they do their entire business thing.  For me, it was ideal in that it gave me plenty of time to settle into the new area and then begin to look for more permanent housing.

Being furnished, it allowed me to wait to ship my stuff out until I knew what I would need.  Plus the furnishings were actually nicer there than what I had…

Anyway, this is just a first bit of advice from me to whomever is chasing their future in a new space:  Don’t just rent or buy before you show!  Get there and find one of these amazing spaces so you can choose wisely!

Unless you believe in trusting complete strangers online or on the phone…

That is on you my friend.



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