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After going to college and getting two bachelor degrees and then following that up with a Master’s Degree, I can honestly say that I do not believe in campus Higher Education – unless it is the sort that actually prepares you to do something specific.

Being “well-rounded” is a nice idea if the job market did not want so many rectangles and squares.

Anyway, I’m just being negative, disruptive, and iconoclastic.I should have begun by saying:  “I sure love those Universities and Colleges that truly prepare their students to become legendary.”

Yeah – that sounds so much better than saying Higher Education is a complete racket for most of the students who enroll and major in humanities, political science, history, communications, and other useless majors which should only be made available as “affinity minors.”

So sticking with the positive – Let me say this:  for those who are in the market for Texas colleges, I know one, which basically trains all of its students to be skilled in areas where they can find great jobs when they graduate.  Sure, Western Texas College in Snyder may not produce Socrates or Nietzsche.  But after spending some time speaking with their staff and talking with their students (and even taking a peek at their graduates’ employment records) I can honestly say that this Texas college is rocking it the right way.

Students come and at a 99% graduate.  Then they go get great jobs in fields where there are high-paying job openings.

Isn’t that what college is about?

I think this Texas Community College has it right!!!

Congrats to you – You have almost made me change my mind about the intelligence of going to school beyond high school!!!


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