What to do after fire damage…?

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What to do after fire damage…?

When you have fire damage that has destroyed parts of your home/apartment and its possessions, there are some important steps that you need to focus your mind on – I know it will be hard to get out of the paralysis that has happened to you, but it is vital that you make some moves so you can get your life back on track.

  1. Ask for a current copy of your insurance policy
  2. Check out your current insurance policy to see what fire damage claims can be made
  3. Do a detailed damage report citing what has been lost to the fire damage – include the property and the possessions that have been affected and make sure to determine how much money you would need to restore and replace what you have lost
  4. Call your insurance company and explain to them what has happened – Get them to come out and to do their appraisal of damage to property and possessions
  5. If their appraisal seems to be too low, immediately call a company that employs insurance claims consultants and ask them to become your mediator in the process of getting your insurance company to pony up the right amount of money. I recommend using Abba Claims to be your public adjuster representative – see abbaclaims.com because they are both professional and effective
  6. Give the folks at Abba Claims (or whichever claims company you choose) your detailed damage report and the number of your contact at your insurance company so that they can take over for you
  7. Prepare for a new appraisal meeting to be held between your insurance company and your Public Adjuster
  8. Receive the money from your insurance company you deserve
  9. Pay for what needs to be fixed and what needs to be replaced
  10. Move on with your life and stay safe!

Those are the steps I would recommend to anyone who has had fire damage – Hope that is helpful.

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