Winter Fires

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Winter Fires

In Dallas, it’s still cool outside which means that fireplaces are still being used. And who doesn’t love a crackling fireplace giving off that special smell and allowing you to sit in front of it to get some normal heat. I remember watching my dad building fires every winter and I loved sitting beside it and watching it do its thing. It brings back great memories of time with him before he died. The problem with building fires in your home is that sometimes we forget to tend to them properly. It’s easy to enjoy, but sometimes we don’t put them out all of the way. This can lead to popping and can lead to an unexpected fire in the home – the sort that can cause major fire damage and smoke damage to your property. This sort of disaster can cause all sorts of problems, not the least of which is getting your insurance claim settled by a competent insurance claims adjuster. The process of getting a fair settlement from an insurance company can be quite tough and I know I have needed help from outside representation to get everything settled. That’s where the help of public adjusters comes into play – they work with you to get a great settlement for your fire damage in Dallas and they hold the insurance companies accountable to being fair. And by fair, I mean getting back the amount of money you need to buy new things to replace the old.

We all have possessions that cannot be replaced by money – pictures and memorable objects, which cannot be recovered with mere money. This is too bad for sure. But when you are at least able to get back those things that can be replaced, it’s a blessing and even an expectation. I know a couple who had to file fire damage claims in Plano and it was an insurance mess from the beginning. But by using the expertise of a public adjusting firm in Dallas (Abba Claims), they ended up redoing their entire house and now it actually looks 100% better than it did before the fire. They were completely satisfied with the way this firm went to bat for them as advocates between them and the insurance company.

So, I guess in summary, I am saying to do all you can to avoid fires in the home. Who needs that sort of mess when trying to live a normal life? But, I’m also saying that if you can’t avoid an accidental fire, make use of a public adjuster firm that will help you navigate the process of insurance claims. They understand the process very well and will get you back on your feet.

So readers, have you ever had to fight with an insurance company to get what you think is a fair settlement? What happened? Were you satisfied with how you were treated? Ever thought of using a public adjustment firm? Feel free to comment on these things.

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