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Good Blogs – Hatch Green Chile Eggs and Ham?

Hatch Green Chiles, Eggs, and Ham?

Okay – So a lot of businesses have taken to writing blogs for their websites, because they are told this is what they are supposed to do. But, truth is, most of these businesses are not very good at writing blogs, which are creative, intriguing or engaging in any sort of way. They want clients and potential clients to read what is on their minds, but they usually bore people to death by presenting industry yammer that has no spice or fun to it.

People want to read blogs that are entertaining, right? I know I do. In fact, a blog article has got to be beyond fantastic if I am going to spend my time on it. After all, there are plenty of interesting distractions out in the world, which cry out for our attentions. So, why would people choose a boring business blog option over those other distractions?

Anyway, I wanted to share a blog article here that was written by someone from a West Texas John Deere Tractor dealer called South Plains Implement, because it is a great example of how to bring some zest to what would otherwise be a boring topic. I don’t care much about farm equipment or harvests and I especially do not care much for reading a blog about those things – And yet, I love this blog article, because it uses Dr. Seuss-style rhyme to showcase it’s subject matter. It’s about hatch green chiles and those who farm them and it cracked me up. Read below and tell me what you think about this method of communicating on a business blog.


In this blog, I want to celebrate our New Mexico farmers who grow the super popular Hatch Green Chile.  I am a huge fan of these yummy chiles, and so I tried to get as creative as possible to raise a banner for you dedicated providers of these flame roasted taste-buddies.  Here goes my best shot:  

As I researched these chiles, it became quite obvious these commodities are beloved by their ingesters.  There is a yearly festival drawing people from all over the world  dedicated to these Chiles.  And there are numerous blogs out there featuring “The Hatch. “ This latter finding led me to start thinking about what might happen if one of my favorite writers, Dr. Seuss, had been exposed to these chiles.  I think he might have showcased them somehow in one of his excellent stories.  Probably not “Green Chile in the Hat,” but maybe The Lorax would speak up for the trees and for Hatch Green Chiles.  I bet the Grinch would even try to steal him some of these chiles, too.  But, when it came down to it, I chose to re-imagine the ever-famous Seuss story about eating – “Green Eggs and Ham.”  

Are you ready to turn Sam-I-Am into a Hatch Green Chile Eggs fan?

Are you ready for some really bad poetry?

Hatch Green Chile Eggs and Ham?

Dear Sam I Am – Eating Green Eggs and Ham sounds silly to me.

But, I would have no problem eating runny eggs with Hatch Green Chiles.

Sam, I’d eat them in the street.

Sam, I’d eat them mixed with meat.

Sam, I’d eat Green Chiles in the sleet.

I’d even eat them with that bleating sheep named Pete

Who always tries to get me to count him and fall asleep

To me, they are everywhere a tasty treat.

I’d chomp them up in Green Chile guacamole.

Drink them down in Green Chile Slurpees.

Hatch myself a juicy enchilada fantasy 

While thinking about my Hatch Green Chile Festival memories

I still don’t know how these Chiles earned so much popularity

From relative unknown to daily Prom Queen honoree

I guess it doesn’t matter too much to me

As long as I can always plop down some money

And get them from one of those amazing New Mexico Farm factories.

Or taste new strains straight from a NM state university.

Sam I Am, won’t you eat them with me, please?

That’s my Hatch Green Chile Happy Dream.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

If you are groaning, that’s fair.  Comfort yourself with some Hatch Green Chiles and the knowledge I could have chosen Dostoyevsky over Seuss.  

Also, know we at South Plains Implement are thankful for all of our customers.  We love our Texas and New Mexico family of farmers, and we hope we can serve you to the fullest with our top-of-the-line equipment, parts and service.  We are here for you!


So what did you think? Creative, right? They blew this blog right out of the box and now I will have to check back to South Plains Implement’s site to find out what else comes out of their brains. Who knows, maybe I will join Little Nas X and get me a tractor to ride around on…

Send me your comments. I’m always listening!

Insurance Claims Consultants

Insurance Claims Consultants

Just as their title suggests, insurance claims consultants are those people who can help guide you through an insurance claim process.  If you experience a fire, as an example, and you are needing to file house fire damage claims, it can be a more arduous process than you might think.  In this case, you’ve probably never done it before so it can feel so daunting.  You probably don’t know what you can even ask for as far as money for repairs and replacement of possessions.  And you probably wouldn’t know that relocation costs can even be covered.  Finally, you might not know that some insurance companies are quite stingy in their settlements. 

With all of this in mind, I suggest that you hire an insurance claim consultant to train you and guide you through this whole process.  They will not only help you understand what is supposed to happen at the end of the day, but some of them who are known as Public Adjusters actually take on an advocacy role.  In other words, Public Adjusters stand on your side of the table and help negotiate the final settlement.  In most cases they help to get you a lot more money than you would have gotten on your own.  That’s a big deal if you want to get everything back that you lost in the fire. 

(By the way, Public Adjusters don’t just handle fire damage claims.  They usually handle every kind of claim that you can imagine.  Here are a few other claims that they work with:  water damage, smoke damage, sinkhole damage, lightning strikes and floods.)

Anyway, I just wanted to throw that information out there just in case you need to make any sort of insurance claim.  Why not bring in some experts to help you get the maximum claim possible?  I know that if something happens to my house or business, I will definitely employ a reputable company. 

Lubbock Wedding Venues

What should every individual do before taking those risky and beautiful steps down the wedding aisle?  (Besides booking the best Lubbock wedding venue and event center, of course)

A.  Order a Human-Fax Report

Most people in this country will not even purchase a used car nowadays without finding out about its history.  For years, there were far too many lemons sold, far too many bad buys and far too many machines breaking down before the first payment was made. 

In response to this problem, some genius out there created a system by which potential car buyers could check out an automobile before making an expensive commitment and plunking down their hard earned cash.  This Car-Fax reporting system has been used by millions of people to find out whether the car they are considering has been wrecked or in any way mistreated.  People can find out about a driving machine’s repair history and then make an informed decision about the possible purchase.  With this information in hand, a buyer can know whether this car is worth the risk.

Now I am not saying that getting married is the exact same thing as buying a car, but one thing the above makes me wonder is why people insist on this sort of intense information gathering when it comes to car buying, but rarely seek to discover the detailed history of a potential mate.  I believe this level of tire kicking is necessary, not only for buying a used Audi, but also (and certainly more so) for purchasing a marriage partner.  After all, isn’t a life commitment to another human being, who might turn out to be a walking talking lemon, a bigger decision than monthly payments?  

I believe this is a huge deal and that is why I advise all of my counselees, before they get married, to fill out a “Human Fax” report (and order one from their mate).

While there is no actual faxing to be done, the idea remains the same — People providing vital and detailed histories about their brokenness, about their past wreckage and about their repair status so that someone else can make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to enter into a commitment.

While it is true that someone can lie about their past and present condition, it is not likely.  After all, most people want to be somewhat honest when they step into a relationship because they want the same sort of honesty to come back to them.  Thus, the value of this “Human Fax” is huge.  It reveals to both parties potential areas of weakness and places in need of repair.  And just because a “Human Fax” report exposes these types of things does not mean that a relationship will be a lemon.  Just because someone has wreckage does not mean that they are un-drivable.  It just brings reality into the open and hopefully draws individuals into the hands of mechanics who are able to help them become “roadworthy.”

To those in pre-dating mode: I recommend that you fill one of these outtoo.  Even those who do not yet have a significant person in mind for marriage.  It is never too early to look under your own hood and to get yourself into the shop.  (It has been interesting to work with single individuals on their “Human Fax” reports because what they find are the very problems that have been stalling their romantic pursuits in the first place.) 

In the next article, I have included an example of a “Human Fax” report.  It uses symbolic car language.  Don’t let that throw you off.  Just roll with my weird brain for a bit and answer the questions you feel are relevant. 

For those spiritual people out there:  As you fill this out, ask God to search you and show you the truth of your condition. If there are lots of problems with your car, do not despair.  Simply seek repair.  If you are filling this form out with a significant other, make sure to offer grace to both them and yourself.  Talk together about what must be done so when you take this longest relational road trip of your lives, you will be able to make it to your destination with minimal problems.

Getting it Done Right (Now)!

So as West Texas temperatures fire up into the 80’s and 90’s, it is an important time to consider the condition of your front and back yards.  And this is especially true for those of us who have sprinkler systems installed in our lawns.  We Lubbock sprinkler owners must be extra vigilant.

Why do I say this?

Because if you are anything like me, you can get lazy and just assume that once you have a sprinkler system installed and the timers set, all will be well.  The grass is going to get properly watered and will be the most beautiful sort of green without us having to think much about it.  That’s why we get these sprinkler systems put in in the first place, right?  I’ll admit that I am the worst at this sort of assumption.  I don’t check my system for needed sprinkler repairs and as a result, I might be letting parts of my yard to dry out due to broken sprinkler heads.  With this potential reality in mind, I decided to research what can be done to keep this from happening to me.  But, after some thought (and the realization that I am not very good at fixing things) I determined to see what sprinkler system repair experts exist in my locality.  I wanted to see if there were any companies who would do a free estimate.

So, last week I was speaking with the owner of a highly-rated Lubbock sprinkler repair company and he was telling me about how they regularly go out to inspect people’s systems and how they usually find broken sprinkler heads, which have gone unnoticed for a long time.  And the problem with this is that when this brokenness is allowed to continue for lengthy periods, parts of the yard start to dry out.  And once this drying out happens, it is hard to recover that part of the lawn.  I might have a yard with 90% lush greenness but if there is 10% that is dead and yellow because of my inattention to the sprinkler heads, I will definitely be frustrated.  Thus, I made another decision to use this company help me take care of some things.  Even if upon inspection they don’t find anything wrong, at least I will have gotten ahead of the situation.

Now, I’m certainly not your mama and so I am not telling you what to do and when to do it, but I am just setting off an alarm that might help you save your lawn before it is too late. My recommendation is to call a good sprinkler repair business and have them come out and do an inspection.  Find out now, before the weather gets sweltering and your yard starts suffering.  Why not, right?  Then if something is broken, get the best estimate you can get and roll with the repair. I think you will be glad you did!

Okay.  Enough of my commentary and advice.  If you do what I suggested above, let me know about your experience.  Until then, may we all be greener than ever before.



There are a lot of things that are important to consumers when they are buying just about anything. For Americans, one of the biggest considerations before buying a product is that the product is made in America using American-made materials. In such a world of globalization, it’s not as easy as it once was to find companies who produce products that fit those two criteria – but I found one which produces Allen plantation shutters and Keller plantation shutters (both in the DFW area) using only American-made materials and of course using those materials to make plantation shutters in their own factory (which by the way, if you actually take a tour of their factory, they give you 10% off of your order if you decide to purchase their shutters).

Anyway, back to the point of buying American-made products – I guess it’s a big deal to me as well. I always hate to see businesses moving their operations to another country to save on labor costs and taking jobs away from hardworking Americans. But at the same time, I totally understand the corporate mindset – their bottom line is maximizing profit. Thus, they cut costs wherever they can and this sometimes means that they determine it is best for that bottom line to move their business to a place where they can pay their workforce lower wages. They can save so much money that way. So, I am caught between wanting American-made products like the aforementioned ones (I am in the market for plantation shutters is why I used them as my example) and understanding American corporate interests. I guess in the example of plantation shutters I won’t have to worry about it because this specific company produces American-made shutters and they happen to be ranked in the number one position for their products. Maybe that is the way I should decide each time – how highly ranked are the products I am considering purchasing. I guess this will solve my question.

So, what do you readers think about this conundrum? Are you all about American-made products no matter what or are you stuck in the questions I have? What is your solution to this problem? Do you have any good advice? Please feel free to comment. Thanks in advance.

Misunderstanding Insurance Claims

Misunderstanding Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can be tricky nowadays – there are so many intricacies included in the fine print that the average person is not able to decipher what they are entitled to in the case of some sort of destruction. This is unfortunate for those people because they are already having to put up with the ramifications of the damage itself. How can the average Joe overcome the hail damage, or fire damage, or business interruption and make sure they file the right kind of insurance claims? If you have never had to do it, you have no idea how hard it can be. And this confusion is sad because many times the insurance cases don’t give the monetary returns that are needed for the damage to be repaired.

So what is there to do?

First of all, people need to get educated about public adjusters before something bad happens. I wish I had known about them when my family experienced fire damage in Dallas. We were all ignorant and we felt like we had to accept the settlement we were offered after the “independent” insurance appraiser looked over our situation. Little did we know that we could employ a public adjuster who would fight for us. Yes, that’s right. There are people out there who make it their job to come in with an appraiser that takes their time noting the extent of the damage and reporting it as a secondary appraisal to the insurance company’s appraiser. These public adjusters also advocate for you and your family to get you a better settlement than you were initially offered. And they are typically successful in their efforts – if they aren’t successful, they don’t get paid. So they have major incentives to get you the best settlement possible.

Can you imagine being initially offered $20,000 by your insurance company and then having a public adjuster come in and get that number raised to $50,000 or even over $100,000? That happened to someone I know and they were blown away. Don’t you want to be blown away like this too?

I hope you never have anything bad happen to you and your family, but if you do then take this article’s advice and hire yourself a public adjuster who knows what they are doing. It could be a lifesaver!

Sewell Shutters in Dallas

Sewell Shutters in Dallas

I am going to write this testimonial unapologetically because there is a business in the Dallas area, which has blown me away. I have come to expect pretty poor service from a lot of businesses these days. I don’t know if it’s the generational workforce like a lot of people say – millennials not wanting to put in a hard days work. I’ve heard that from a lot of “experts” and I don’t know how true that is, but I can testify that a lot of younger workers have made customer service unimportant.

This is definitely not the case with all of the workers at Sewell Shutters ( who focus in on making the customers feel cared for and valued. In dealing with them, I was so impressed with everyone that I had the pleasure of working with. And it wasn’t just their customer service that was awesome, but their production and installation of my McKinney plantation shutters was stellar. They worked hard and fast and showed me how their quality materials would hold up over time. They improved the look of my interior and exterior windows and I have gotten so many compliments from neighbors and visitors, which has surprised me because I thought these shutters wouldn’t really be noticed. But they sure have been!

Anyway, I am thankful to have run into this company. They have thirty years of experience and I can see why they have lasted so long. I have been referring them to everyone I know and I know that my recommendations will end up getting Sewell Shutters a lot more business. They deserve it.

So, that’s it for my glowing blog article. I’d love to hear from you readers about other businesses that have done quality work and had great customer service as well. Hook me up with some comments. Thanks.

A Website with Excellent Content

A Website with Excellent Content

I am an avid internet surfer and I like to check out big companies’ websites to see if they are good, bad or average. I’m often shocked to see that some of the biggest businesses fall far short of showing themselves off with strong online presences. One thing that a lot of these businesses that are falling short with is that they don’t have enough content on their sites, which would draw potential clients in because they would better understand what the company is offering. I don’t know why there is such little content on those sites. They mainly focus on images and design, which is also a good thing to have. But to leave out specific content is a mistake.

One company that I do some marketing for is a medium-sized business located in Dallas, Texas. They are a company of public adjusters who help people file such things as fire damage claims and water damage claims and they have a fantastic website. They do a great job of integrating visuals with tons of content spread across several pages. They don’t overwhelm the site visitor with too much content in one spot, but it is spread around quite nicely and I think it gives the visitor a chance to know everything they might possibly want to know from this business. Look at their site at and see if you think that what I am saying is true. They also use pop-ups to encourage people to get into live chats or to call for more information. (By the way, I didn’t build this site so I cannot take credit for it’s structure and design.)

After you look over their site, please let me know if you think what I think about it – if it is a good site for design and content. Also, in your comments let me know if you have found any websites that do good jobs and any websites that do bad jobs when it comes to balancing visuals with content. I’m really interested to know what sort of websites you are drawn to and which ones turn you off. Thanks in advance for your comments.

Fire Damage Claims in Dallas

Fire Damage Claims in Dallas

Filing a fire damage claim in Plano was an ordeal to say the least – Trying to manage my family and their needs as we packed into an Extended Stay hotel and tried to live out a somewhat normal existence was difficult to say the least. Not only had we lost most of our possessions (many of which could not be replaced because of their sentimental value – pictures, journals, etc.) but we had a house that was 60% burned down. I was thankful that we had insurance for this fire damage claim or we would have been really in bad shape. I don’t think we would have recovered without it.

An independent appraiser (I think that’s what they are called) working for the insurance company came and did their due diligence to try and figure out a number that would get us back in our rebuilt home with new furnishings (even the ones that didn’t look too bad had excessive smoke damage and couldn’t be kept). What I didn’t know at that time (the appraiser coming) was that even though they were independent, they still worked on behalf of the insurance company, which put us at somewhat of a disadvantage when it came to getting the money back for what we needed to have done. A buddy of mine suggested that I counter their appraiser’s settlement number with a higher number, but I didn’t know how to do that. I had never thought of the value of my home and its contents and I figured I would be pretty bad at guessing. I told that to my friend and he told me that I should hire a public adjuster. He said that public adjusters are qualified professionals who advocate for you to get the maximum settlement out of the insurance company. They have their own appraisal people who are on your side in this whole thing. So, I called one from the Dallas area and the person I worked with was amazing. I won’t go into the details (mostly because I don’t fully understand it), but I know that my family and I got a really large settlement – one much larger than was pitched to us by the first appraiser. This helped us get everything repaired and also aided us in buying the furnishings we once had – house looks great, by the way.

So, if you ever find yourself in this same unfortunate situation I want to recommend that you do some research in your area and find a well-qualified public adjuster to help you like they helped me.

Shading the House

Shading the House

Having a large house is a luxury but sometimes there are a lot of big windows in a big house that need to be covered in one way or another. I have friends in the Dallas area who have a very large house and they have lots of windows to cover. They didn’t want to go with cheap looking mini-blinds that you can get at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They had already invested a lot of money into this house and decided they weren’t going to settle for less than the best when it came to their window coverings. They did a lot of research and made a bunch of calls to different companies. They weren’t sure if anyone could custom fit for the varying sizes of windows in their home. They also decided that they wanted to get McKinney plantation shutters. They just needed to decide on a company that they wanted to do business with – a company of professionals who had a lot of experience and a lot of great reviews. After several close calls, they ended up going with a company called Sewell Shutters, a Dallas-based business, which has been around for thirty years. They did everything from Mckinney to South Lake plantation shutters and said that they could measure any window and custom fit for whatever size they needed. So, my friends ended up going with this company.

Here’s their take on this company: What was amazing was that the people who came to measure and install were all very friendly and clean. They said that they promoted integrity above all else and would make sure that we were satisfied. And amazingly, this whole process for all of our plantation shutters to be installed only took six weeks. And I cannot stress how nice they all looked. Each one built just right and I do not want to forget that they matched our interior paints with the shutters. It was an exact match across the house. We could not have been more pleased with the work that was done.

So, since I am a reviewer of various companies, I decided to use this blog to promote this company. I always run into supposedly dependable companies, who end up failing to impress their clients. But once in a while, I get to know a company that does a perfect job. So, if you are in the market for plantation shutters I recommend Sewell Shutters. You can check them out at