A Website with Excellent Content

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A Website with Excellent Content

I am an avid internet surfer and I like to check out big companies’ websites to see if they are good, bad or average. I’m often shocked to see that some of the biggest businesses fall far short of showing themselves off with strong online presences. One thing that a lot of these businesses that are falling short with is that they don’t have enough content on their sites, which would draw potential clients in because they would better understand what the company is offering. I don’t know why there is such little content on those sites. They mainly focus on images and design, which is also a good thing to have. But to leave out specific content is a mistake.

One company that I do some marketing for is a medium-sized business located in Dallas, Texas. They are a company of public adjusters who help people file such things as fire damage claims and water damage claims and they have a fantastic website. They do a great job of integrating visuals with tons of content spread across several pages. They don’t overwhelm the site visitor with too much content in one spot, but it is spread around quite nicely and I think it gives the visitor a chance to know everything they might possibly want to know from this business. Look at their site at www.abbaclaims.com and see if you think that what I am saying is true. They also use pop-ups to encourage people to get into live chats or to call for more information. (By the way, I didn’t build this site so I cannot take credit for it’s structure and design.)

After you look over their site, please let me know if you think what I think about it – if it is a good site for design and content. Also, in your comments let me know if you have found any websites that do good jobs and any websites that do bad jobs when it comes to balancing visuals with content. I’m really interested to know what sort of websites you are drawn to and which ones turn you off. Thanks in advance for your comments.

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