3D Visualizations

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3D Visualizations

Technology has come a long way in such a short time. And I think my favorite thing about its advances is in the area of visuals. I love enjoying movies that could never have been made without these advances. I especially try to pay attention to 3D animation that is used in every area from movies to TV to architectural renderings.

I have a buddy who is involved in architecture and he assures me that 3D animations have made his business explode. He says that when you can show people what their buildings are going to look like before a foundation is even laid. He does a lot of church capital campaigns – from church stage design all the way to full on expansions – and he says that there is usually a lot of pushback from the congregation – mainly because people don’t love paying more than their tithes and offerings for anything (And most people don’t even pay those.) But my buddy says that once his firm shows the people the cool 3D stuff, they are wowed. And my friend says that it’s this that moves most capital campaigns along. His business is very lucrative.

My main field is marketing and change agency. Basically I help to persuade people to adopt new innovations, ideas and philosophies. My architect buddy brings me in to be the point person on a lot of his projects because I’m good at getting late adopters and even laggards to pull their wallets out and give toward churches that are growing. Anyway, I have experienced that with all my influence and all my persuasion techniques that people want to see the 3D. It immediately moves people down the line. So I guess we are a good team, but I give most of the credit to the technology. Without it, I wouldn’t stand a chance of getting people to move all the way from a “No!” to a “Yes!”

I think my friend just pulls me into these projects because he wants to throw some business my way and I will take all I can get. I have other architects who don’t use the 3D visualizations to help their cause and who depend on just me and their leadership team to try to get everyone on the same train that is moving in the right direction. Let’s just say those projects are often disasters. I do my best to describe how the blueprints are going to be realized and I use action words to try to tell them how great this whole thing is going to be great for the future. But words don’t show anything. Words might tickle the imaginations of the crowd, but they don’t show them what is coming. People tend to be convinced if they are shown these animations.

Anyway, I wonder what technology will be able to do ten years from now – how will movies be? How will my buddies’ business be able to show off their projects? It seems to me that 3D might become 10D whatever that means…

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