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Another Lubbock neighborhood worth a look

A fairly new Lubbock neighborhood is known as Vintage Township and it is located at the intersection of 114th and Quaker. Vintage Township is a planned village type atmosphere that is reminiscent of the 1950’s. Their website says the following: “Vintage Township is characterized by wider, tree-lined sidewalks and traffic-calming streets to make it safer for everyone to get to work or play or just enjoy the neighborhood. They also promote a healthy lifestyle as it is common to see residents walking with their pets or to a local restaurant, shooting hoops or swimming with their kids, jogging in the neighborhood or carrying their kids off the playground in time for supper. Don’t be surprised if you see a bike or scooter near your house, too. They are everywhere as kids just feel safer in a place like this. Have more questions about Vintage Township? You’re not alone. It almost sounds too good to be true!

Other common amenities include parks within walking distance of homes, a resident pool and fire pit, and much more—again, many within walking distance. Essentially, we’re building a town within a town. We think you’ll be as excited about our future as we are.”

From this description the one thing that sticks out to me is “a town within a town” because it looks nothing like anything else in the city of Lubbock and it has definite charm found nowhere else. When I first heard about it and went to see it, I really wanted to live there. It seemed like a Dr. Seuss-built place where everyone could know everyone. It seemed to be built on a Disney-based theme where magic and friendliness would be found. My friends live there and say it is a great place to have children grow up because of the safety and communal atmosphere. I highly recommend this neighborhood. The Lubbock homes for sale here are beautiful.

Two drawbacks:

  1. The people who put together the original vision to expand the community much farther out ended “selling out” to other builders and this has been a major issue with the tenants of Vintage Township. Now houses built by other builders will come shoulder to shoulder with Vintage Township and this sort of wrecks the magic of being in your own town. Many of the people who live in this part of town feel cheated because what was promised to them has now been taken away.
  1. Even with this above issue, houses in Vintage Township are hard to come by. One might want to live here, but there are usually very few lots available. Supply does not equal demand.

Besides these issues, I do want to say that even if you search for other homes for sale in Lubbock and end up in a different neighborhood, you should definitely take a ride through this really cool looking “town.” I think you will love the look and feel.

Okay – another Lubbock neighborhood review will come in the next article.

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