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Kelsey Park in Lubbock

Well, we continue our search for Lubbock homes for sale. Most specifically we are researching and reviewing different neighborhoods in Lubbock to give you house seekers out there some ideas as to where you want your dream house to be. It’s one thing to find a great house and it is altogether different to find that house in the right location (As the cliché goes: “Location, Location, Location.”) I’m trying to stay as unbiased as I can as I review the homes for sale in Lubbock because I don’t want to steer you into a neighborhood I like rather one that you would like. I’m just a hometown guy who hopefully can help you understand what areas in Lubbock are available and nice. From there, it’s on you. Still, feel free to comment about my reviews if you like and add what you think are the best neighborhoods for those moving to the Hub of the Plains.

So far, we have talked about Tech Terrace, Vintage Township and Lakeridge and I think I have given you fair pros and cons. Today this article will focus on my hood, known as Kelsey Park. Kelsey Park is located between Quaker Avenue and Indiana Avenue and from 130th street to 150th street. It is one the very newest neighborhoods in town. My wife and I moved into this Kelsey Park over one year ago and we have noticed it has gone through some major development. I would call this neighborhood mid to middle-upper class. There are some luxury apartments going up to our north and to our east. I can’t speak to what luxury means in this case, but I do know that they call them luxury. And I also know that as houses are being built all around us, many families who have moved to town are staying in really nice duplexes on 133rd street as they wait for their house to be built.

I’ve walked around quite a bit in this neighborhood and there is a really nice park nearby that has a lit running/walking track. As well, on my walks I have seen some of the already-built homes and I can only call them beautiful. From inside to out, these homes have been carefully planned. They are all modern and there is character to them. Also the neighbors seem to be nice and helpful. I got snowed into my garage and a guy who lives in the house behind me helped me shovel away snow and ice for an hour. Two days later I drove my car into a muddy ditch and could not get out. This is when I met another neighbor from down the street who hooked a chain to my bumper and pulled me out. (I know this is a limited sample size – the rest of my neighborhood might be full of sociopaths and thieves. But I doubt it.)

The drawback to Kelsey Park is that it is so new. There are loud noises from construction, nails all over the place (which my tires seem to always find), and not too many restaurants nearby. I know these issues will all soon be remedied as a Wal-Mart has opened near – Wal-Marts usually mean lots of other businesses will follow. I cannot say much else about the problems here because it hasn’t reached full-development. (It’s possible that a volcano will arise and erupt causing some negatives, but Lubbock is not known for those – more like 800 mph winds.)

Okay – That’s it for Kelsey Park. We will keep moving around town in future articles. Good luck with your house hunting.

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