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Another Good Neighborhood in Lubbock

I’ll lead out by saying that there are myriad Lubbock homes for sale. And to be honest, it’s pretty hard to find a house in a terribly bad area. Lubbock is known for being a good place to raise families and is overall known as a warm and friendly place to be. If you can stand the occasional (like 360 days out of 365) gusts of orange dust whipping through the air, you have found an excellent place to land for a while. Still, in this article, I want to continue sharing the best and worst parts of specific areas in town so you can get the best home in Lubbock, Tx.

Today I want to focus on a country club setting known as Lakeridge. Lakeridge is basically found south of 82nd street to 98th street on the north. It also runs from Quaker Avenue on the east to Slide Avenue on the west. For a long time, Lakeridge was known as the place to be. It’s property costs were fairly high but with the country club atmosphere and steady gains in overall property values, a lot of wealthy people began buying their homes in this very nice neighborhood. This section of town was pretty much at the edge of the new Lubbock sprawl to the southwest and as a past Tennis pro who worked the courts of this golf and tennis club, I can attest that it was a gem. I always thought I would live in either Tech Terrace or Lakeridge because both had loads of character.

But then something happened. I’m not totally sure, but the rumor was that the ground underneath Lakeridge was cracking and as a result was causing foundational cracks in the houses of many of the houses there. I know I saw this cracking on the tennis courts as we had to resurface again and again. I also know that the golf course didn’t have good enough drainage and it was almost destroyed. Suddenly the premiere place to live in Lubbock was losing it’s stellar reputation.

Lakeridge has survived all of this mess and is back to being a good neighborhood, but the damage has been done for those who were in Lubbock as this mess was happening. As well, Lubbock kept growing far beyond Lakeridge’s once dominant location. (Lubbock has sprawled for five miles in all directions.) With new beautiful neighborhoods popping up to Lakeridge’s southwest, there were many more choices than Country Club land.

The one good thing about Lakeridge now is that you can still get a really nice home for much more reasonable prices. It also has some lovely homes for sale in Lubbock. It’s definitely a place to check out if you are in the market, but I just wanted you to know some of the background so you can make an informed decision.

Okay. That’s it for this article. I’ll be back to review another neighborhood in the next article.

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