Day 136 – Saturday Sleep

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Day 136 – Saturday Sleep

Yesterday my nap in my corporate housing bed became full-on sleep and I crashed hard until 7:00 a.m. – No nightmares about weed whacking maniacs attacking my girl – so that was a relief. In fact, I had no dreams about any sort of grass, plants, flowers, mowers or anything relating to landscaping in Lubbock. I was going to tell my Lubbock catering clients about my dream but then thought better of it – maybe after we complete their contract I will share it. I doubt they need to worry about my mental state during these holidays.

So, today was one filled with Melissa time. We spent the entire day together just being in each other’s company. We did a traditional date lunch with an early afternoon movie (Dr. Strange) and that was followed up by us going to church together. As for the movie, we both were quite impressed with the visuals and constant CG changes of scenery. As well, we both like the main actor Benedict Cumberbatch (from Sherlock) – he was the main reason we chose this movie in the first place. The movie had some silly moments but overall I thought it was better than most movies from this genre. Sorry, I’m not a professional movie critic – I just know what I like and what I don’t like. Still, let’s be proper: I give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5. It’s worth the cash.

As for church, it was once again stupendous. I don’t know what sort of pastoral steroid our main speaker is using lately, but he is really bringing the power and challenges lately. I found myself sitting on the front of my pew listening intently to his breakdown of how God loves us first and we love Him and others second. He was pacing back and forth and probably sweating because he was so passionate about the subject. He wasn’t downing obedience and just saying “grace, grace, grace.” He divided the word in such an awesome way to give both beliefs equal weight. But he focused on our need to realize just how much we are loved – how we are known and loved – how we screw up and are still loved – how we cannot stop His love from being apparent and strong in our lives. Melissa and I walked out of the service in awe of the way it was all communicated to us. It got us to talking about how we perceive ourselves – how we identify ourselves in light of God’s great love. It was one of the best conversations we had ever had and by the end of it, I was more in love with God and with Melissa than ever.


After all of that, Melissa and me decided to try meditating together – getting on our hands and knees and asking the Holy Spirit to mold us into a couple who really grasps God’s love. Neither of us heard any loud voices or angelic trumpets blaring about this topic, but we both felt like God moved us closer to our goal of knowing a love that surpasses knowledge. Why? Because Love Knowledge is not as good as Love Experience. I look forward to that day when we have that sort of love coursing through our veins.

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