Day 138 – Monday What?

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Day 138 – Monday What?

As I look back at this journal and see just how many days I have been keeping it, I am struck by how fast times goes. With each day I get older and with each day I don’t necessarily get wiser – isn’t that the way things are supposed to go? 138 days in my short-term furnished apartment and during those days I have picked up clients and even better I have found Melissa. So, I guess I will trade in that wisdom growth and just take on some love growth.

I jogged on my treadmill to Daft Punk this morning – got my electronics and my groove going. They may have to become my go to Monday morning band, because they get me to semi-dancing – they also take my mind off of the evil machine I am forced to use for the winter. Speaking of winter, I am beginning to feel the dips of the lower 40 degree temperatures in my bones. I am also in contact with the Lubbock landscapers – Besides holiday lights, what sort of yard work and design do they do as the weather gets colder? I called and asked them and found out that they do some serious yard maintenance to get it ready for the spring – scalping and such. I told them I would start emphasizing that part of their business until mid-February and they appreciated me staying ahead of them in their marketing efforts.

I had an overall busy workday but I don’t really want to write about the same old things again. So, I won’t. But, my meditation was interesting – I was reading a lot about how we are on earth for a short term – that eternity is where our minds should rest. I have a very hard time with this. Culture always shoves my head down into the temporal world and presses me into the dust. I guess I have learned to allow it to win me over, because I pretty much give into its push and pull. I rarely think about the eternal. But I feel like I need to start asking God to show me how to “imagine” His realm – how to have visions of God’s courts and of the new earth He is creating now. I actually made this into a spiritual practice today and was met with thousands of crowded thoughts that had nothing to do with God’s eternity. I think it will just take time. I will just keep at it until I can silence these worldly shouts and find my way into the eternal.

Anyway, that is a pretty big deal for me – I feel excited to seeing what God is up to…

Do any of you do this? Any advice for a newbie to get past this world and to the eternal? Let me know in your comments if you do – Thanks in advance.

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