Sewell Shutters in Dallas

Sewell Shutters in Dallas

I am going to write this testimonial unapologetically because there is a business in the Dallas area, which has blown me away. I have come to expect pretty poor service from a lot of businesses these days. I don’t know if it’s the generational workforce like a lot of people say – millennials not wanting to put in a hard days work. I’ve heard that from a lot of “experts” and I don’t know how true that is, but I can testify that a lot of younger workers have made customer service unimportant.

This is definitely not the case with all of the workers at Sewell Shutters ( who focus in on making the customers feel cared for and valued. In dealing with them, I was so impressed with everyone that I had the pleasure of working with. And it wasn’t just their customer service that was awesome, but their production and installation of my McKinney plantation shutters was stellar. They worked hard and fast and showed me how their quality materials would hold up over time. They improved the look of my interior and exterior windows and I have gotten so many compliments from neighbors and visitors, which has surprised me because I thought these shutters wouldn’t really be noticed. But they sure have been!

Anyway, I am thankful to have run into this company. They have thirty years of experience and I can see why they have lasted so long. I have been referring them to everyone I know and I know that my recommendations will end up getting Sewell Shutters a lot more business. They deserve it.

So, that’s it for my glowing blog article. I’d love to hear from you readers about other businesses that have done quality work and had great customer service as well. Hook me up with some comments. Thanks.

A Website with Excellent Content

A Website with Excellent Content

I am an avid internet surfer and I like to check out big companies’ websites to see if they are good, bad or average. I’m often shocked to see that some of the biggest businesses fall far short of showing themselves off with strong online presences. One thing that a lot of these businesses that are falling short with is that they don’t have enough content on their sites, which would draw potential clients in because they would better understand what the company is offering. I don’t know why there is such little content on those sites. They mainly focus on images and design, which is also a good thing to have. But to leave out specific content is a mistake.

One company that I do some marketing for is a medium-sized business located in Dallas, Texas. They are a company of public adjusters who help people file such things as fire damage claims and water damage claims and they have a fantastic website. They do a great job of integrating visuals with tons of content spread across several pages. They don’t overwhelm the site visitor with too much content in one spot, but it is spread around quite nicely and I think it gives the visitor a chance to know everything they might possibly want to know from this business. Look at their site at and see if you think that what I am saying is true. They also use pop-ups to encourage people to get into live chats or to call for more information. (By the way, I didn’t build this site so I cannot take credit for it’s structure and design.)

After you look over their site, please let me know if you think what I think about it – if it is a good site for design and content. Also, in your comments let me know if you have found any websites that do good jobs and any websites that do bad jobs when it comes to balancing visuals with content. I’m really interested to know what sort of websites you are drawn to and which ones turn you off. Thanks in advance for your comments.

Fire Damage Claims in Dallas

Fire Damage Claims in Dallas

Filing a fire damage claim in Plano was an ordeal to say the least – Trying to manage my family and their needs as we packed into an Extended Stay hotel and tried to live out a somewhat normal existence was difficult to say the least. Not only had we lost most of our possessions (many of which could not be replaced because of their sentimental value – pictures, journals, etc.) but we had a house that was 60% burned down. I was thankful that we had insurance for this fire damage claim or we would have been really in bad shape. I don’t think we would have recovered without it.

An independent appraiser (I think that’s what they are called) working for the insurance company came and did their due diligence to try and figure out a number that would get us back in our rebuilt home with new furnishings (even the ones that didn’t look too bad had excessive smoke damage and couldn’t be kept). What I didn’t know at that time (the appraiser coming) was that even though they were independent, they still worked on behalf of the insurance company, which put us at somewhat of a disadvantage when it came to getting the money back for what we needed to have done. A buddy of mine suggested that I counter their appraiser’s settlement number with a higher number, but I didn’t know how to do that. I had never thought of the value of my home and its contents and I figured I would be pretty bad at guessing. I told that to my friend and he told me that I should hire a public adjuster. He said that public adjusters are qualified professionals who advocate for you to get the maximum settlement out of the insurance company. They have their own appraisal people who are on your side in this whole thing. So, I called one from the Dallas area and the person I worked with was amazing. I won’t go into the details (mostly because I don’t fully understand it), but I know that my family and I got a really large settlement – one much larger than was pitched to us by the first appraiser. This helped us get everything repaired and also aided us in buying the furnishings we once had – house looks great, by the way.

So, if you ever find yourself in this same unfortunate situation I want to recommend that you do some research in your area and find a well-qualified public adjuster to help you like they helped me.

Shading the House

Shading the House

Having a large house is a luxury but sometimes there are a lot of big windows in a big house that need to be covered in one way or another. I have friends in the Dallas area who have a very large house and they have lots of windows to cover. They didn’t want to go with cheap looking mini-blinds that you can get at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They had already invested a lot of money into this house and decided they weren’t going to settle for less than the best when it came to their window coverings. They did a lot of research and made a bunch of calls to different companies. They weren’t sure if anyone could custom fit for the varying sizes of windows in their home. They also decided that they wanted to get McKinney plantation shutters. They just needed to decide on a company that they wanted to do business with – a company of professionals who had a lot of experience and a lot of great reviews. After several close calls, they ended up going with a company called Sewell Shutters, a Dallas-based business, which has been around for thirty years. They did everything from Mckinney to South Lake plantation shutters and said that they could measure any window and custom fit for whatever size they needed. So, my friends ended up going with this company.

Here’s their take on this company: What was amazing was that the people who came to measure and install were all very friendly and clean. They said that they promoted integrity above all else and would make sure that we were satisfied. And amazingly, this whole process for all of our plantation shutters to be installed only took six weeks. And I cannot stress how nice they all looked. Each one built just right and I do not want to forget that they matched our interior paints with the shutters. It was an exact match across the house. We could not have been more pleased with the work that was done.

So, since I am a reviewer of various companies, I decided to use this blog to promote this company. I always run into supposedly dependable companies, who end up failing to impress their clients. But once in a while, I get to know a company that does a perfect job. So, if you are in the market for plantation shutters I recommend Sewell Shutters. You can check them out at

How to make your Future Brighter

How to make your Future Brighter

It’s pretty hard to make your future brighter when your present is feeling pretty dim. When things are going poorly in the now, it’s difficult to make decisions that can lead to a better future. Tough times feel like they are always going to be tough and it can make dread the common feeling. One of the most dreaded situations is when a fire breaks out in your home or business and you are forced to fight with the aftermath. Hopefully, you have fire insurance or you will be feeling that present and future dread for a long time.

But if this does happen and you do have fire insurance and can make a fire damage claim, don’t give in to that feeling. You can come back from that destruction and end up either back where you were (sometimes you can end up even better – I’ve seen this happen). So, hold on to hope and read up on what I think can help you find that brighter future we are talking about.

If you are living in the DFW area, I know of a group that can help you make a Dallas fire damage claim in the simplest of ways. This group is called Abba Claims and they specialize in the field of Public Adjusting. Basically this means that their company works on your behalf with your insurance firm to make sure you get your full money settlement back. You don’t want to get stuck with a settlement that doesn’t cover your repair and the restoration of your possessions. Talk about a continuing dread…

I recommend looking into their business and contacting them as soon as you can if you have had a fire. And if you just know someone who is going through this terrible process, pass this information along.

Fire Damage Claims in Dallas

Fire Damage Claims in Dallas

I know you have read some of my other articles about how to successfully navigate fire damage claims in Dallas, but I just wanted to reiterate the importance of using an adjuster for insurance claims. I had never really heard of what an adjuster can do for those who need help dealing with their insurance companies. But after dealing with a Texas Public Adjuster myself, I am convinced that everyone who has experienced a fire at his or her home or business would only profit from hiring an adjuster. Adjusters provide fire damage claim help by acting as advocates in the process of settling your claim with your insurance company. I can say from experience that insurance companies can make it hard for you to reclaim what you deserve as far as money so that you can get back your damaged or smoke damaged possessions. And if you try to go at it alone, it can be a super frustrating process that can drive you crazy. Texas Public Adjusters can handle this process for you and allow you to relax as you get a fair settlement.

There are so many testimonials out there that say exactly what I said above. So many people have benefitted from using an adjuster to help them and I want as many people as possible to get the right amount of money from their insurance company. I consider it my public service to alert people in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas about this issue. But I am interested in hearing from some of you out there who have either used a public adjuster to help with their claims or who have just tried to do it themselves. What were your results? Was the process as complicated as it seems or did you find it to be a simple process? Feel free to comment below so that we can all have the best information.

If you do decide to hire a public adjuster, I recommend a great company called Abba Claims. I know they are located in Dallas and do an exceptional job in dealing with fire damage claims. If you are on the fence, check them out at and see if they do what you need them to do.

Fire Damage Claim in Fort Worth

Fire Damage Claim in Fort Worth

Every day, houses and businesses catch fire all over the world leaving families and companies to struggle with the destruction. Sometimes it’s a contained fire that only affects parts of the houses or businesses but still these smaller fires create problems including smoke damage. And then there are the bigger fires, which consume everything. Either way, it’s a terrible mess and a difficult time.

In the Dallas area this year, there have been lots of both sorts of these fires especially in Fort Worth. For these people, besides dealing with the physical losses, they go through the emotional losses that come with fire damage. And they have to make or create a fire damage claim in Fort Worth, which is a really hard process. Fire damage claims with an insurance company can create even more stress, because several insurance companies don’t pay out the settlement that is necessary for a business or a family to recover what they have lost. So, what’s to do?

My best suggestion is for people who are dealing with fire damage insurance claims to hire a public adjuster. What is a public adjuster? Basically, they are professionals who make it their career to help someone get everything they can from an insurance company. They do all they can to “go to bat” for a business or individual to make sure they do receive a fair settlement from their insurance company. They become your partners and advocates with your well being in mind. Doesn’t that sound nice to have someone fighting for you? I know it sounds good to me.

Anyway, if you live in Texas you can reach a great public adjuster at a company called Abba Claims. They have a great record dealing successfully with insurance companies that are being tightfisted. You can check them out at If not them, there are several other public adjusting companies in the nation. I just recommend Abba because I have experience with them.

Anyway, that’s just my recommendation. If you have a fire damage claim to make, make use of a public adjuster and ensure a fair settlement for yourself.

Getting Help with Smoke Damage

Getting Help with Smoke Damage

In the Dallas area, especially in the Richardson area, there has been an uptick in small house fires during this winter season. Most of these fires were pretty easily contained and there was little to no structural damage to the houses or the possessions inside of these houses. But just because the fires did no structural damage, that does not mean there wasn’t significant smoke damage. And if you have ever had smoke damage, you know that the possessions that are affected might as well be ruined anyway. No amount of Febreze is going to cover over serious smoke damage.

So, what do you do if you have to file a smoke damage claim in Richardson? Well, if you have the right insurance you would just file a claim with them and hopefully they will cover you by paying out enough money to replace those items, which have been ruined by this smoke damage. But beyond that I would recommend that for Richardson smoke damage claims, you should hire a Texas public adjuster firm to help you get the right size of settlement from your insurance claim. Public adjusters are famous for holding insurance companies accountable for giving you a fair settlement. This is key because your insurance company might not want to offer you the right amount of money to replace your smoke damaged stuff. You definitely don’t want to enter into a battle with your insurance company without having professionals at your side who fight for you. Have you ever dealt with this struggle? If not, believe me that you want a well-reputed public adjuster company being the mediator between you and your insurance company.

That’s all just my advice. I welcome any of your opinions about using public adjuster firms. And I recommend that if you do decide to hire a Texas public adjuster that you look into a company called Abba Claims that is located in Dallas proper. Their website is Hope this helps anyone out there who has a smoky couch…

Fire Damage Claims

Dallas Fire Damage Claims

I never think about disasters hitting me. I take my home and its possessions for granted. Never would I imagine that I could lose it all in a moment’s time. Never would I imagine that a fire could happen around me and take away what I have spent a lifetime trying to gather. I have put everything together in all of the right places so that I can have a beautiful place to live. I’ve worked hard at it and my wife has too. We have a lot of valuables and everything seems to fit together so well. I’ll say it again: Never would I imagine that a fire could happen and take all of it away. If it did I don’t know what I would do. All that work and all that time gathering and placing and learning how to feng shui my home-world would just go up in flames and leave me wondering why. Why do such things happen to good people who just want to feel safe and have beauty around them? And what steps do you take to try to return to some normalcy after a fire occurs? These questions rage in my mind.

I live in Dallas and I have fire insurance with a reputable insurance company. But would they back me completely if I came to them with a fire damage insurance claim in Dallas? Would they see the value in my valuables or would they just give me the minimum leaving me to dwell in less than I had dwelled before? I had this conversation with a guy the other day and we both hoped beyond hope that our stuff wouldn’t be taken away in an instant. But we both know friends who have lost everything with a single spark and we both know that it could happen to us. And these friends had to deal with stubborn insurance companies that wouldn’t give them a fair settlement (they filed a fire damage claim in Plano). Crazy and unfair but too often a reality. Besides just the worries we shared with one another, my friend told me that there is hope on the other side of such destruction. He told me that there are people who are known as Texas Public Adjusters who fight for you if your insurance company is not coming through. I looked it all up and was relieved to see that I wouldn’t be alone if this whole process happened. I never knew about companies like this, but now I not as worried – not that I’m going to start a fire in my house tonight. Still, it’s cool that companies exist that will help if it is needed.



Franchising and Expanding

Franchising and Expanding – Week Sixty-One

Back to normal at prayer time with Liz and Josh talking about how their Lubbock catering and Lubbock lawn care businesses were faring. Ches, our newest member (the guy who handles fire damage claims in Dallas) also reported that he was doing well at his business. All had positive reports. It seems like none of us have much bad to report about our jobs anymore. Having these guys to bounce ideas off of has really helped me keep my focus on the growth of my business. Before it was like weeks just came and went and I had no accountability to deal with. Anyway, we prayed for the city of Lubbock and its health as a city. You really can’t have a successful business unless the town it is in is doing well. We also did our typical surrender of our families to God. We all said that we have been spending a lot more time with God in our personal times and we all said that we were gaining more intimacy with Him. This is always a good way to start off the days.

As for the larger business gathering we had a woman named Kelly who spoke to us. She spoke on the subject of franchising our businesses to other cities. She said that we could always grow out of our original town and that we should be ready to expand with other regional and national entities – if we have a great reputation. I understood what she was saying but I couldn’t imagine ever selling franchises to other people based on my business. Nor did I see any reason to even set up satellites in other towns. I figured that every city has its own heating and cooling businesses and that we don’t have anything especially special about our company to warrant an expansion. I will say that Kelly was very good at speaking and explaining the process of doing what she was suggesting. And I could see how people like Liz might benefit from what was being said, but it was not a talk for me to sink my teeth into. Who knows? Maybe someday…

I did get a chance to speak with the other guy who ran the short-term furnished apartment business to see if he wanted to grab lunch sometime. I had heard we had a lot in common and that we might be able to give insights to one another – or at least become more than acquaintances. We made plans to grab a meal in the next week. Maybe we can at least figure out some way to barter what our businesses gave to the public.


So readers, have you ever franchised your businesses? Or have you bought into a franchising group? If so, how did the process go? It sounds pretty difficult to do, but it might just be because I’m not trained in it. Feel free to comment and give me your thoughts.